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Owners Of Noah’s Ark Replica In Kentucky Sue Insurer Claiming They Failed To Cover Flood Damage

The owners of a Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky are taking their insurer to court, claiming that the agency failed to offer flood damage.
The replica ark is part of an attraction called Ark Encounter, which features a 510-foot wooden ship made to replicate one from the Old Testament story about God telling a man named Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal. The replica ark and the road leading up to it were damaged by a landslide that resulted from heavy rains in the area, but the owners then learned that the $1 million in damages would not be covered in full, reported.
The owners are now suing the company, claiming it is no longer safe to use the ship due to the harsh terrain on the road. The 77-page lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court, with Ark Encounter seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

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A Boston Man Says An Intruder Entered His Home, Cleaned It, And Left

The majority of non-violent home invasions usually take place the same way. Burglars may scope out an area in advance and decide which homes they want to attempt to rob. Maybe they’ll wait for the home owners to leave for work, or specifically target those without any cars in the driveway in hopes that no one is home. If a door has been left unlocked, their job is made all the easier.
However, in the case of one incident in Boston, a home invasion occurred that has left the home owner baffled and police stumped, according to .

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Woman In India Plasters Her Car With Cow Dung To Keep It ‘Cool’

Anyone who has watched shows like Pimp My Ride or Car Masters: Rust to Riches have undoubtedly come across the crazy ways in which some people modify their cars or make them look cooler. One woman in India, however, has taken car modification to a totally different level, leaving the internet completely shocked.
While most car owners and mechanics would install different equipment to keep their cars from overheating, the woman in question opted to cover hers in cow dung.
Identified as Sejal Shah, the Hyderabad native – who according to India’s is a home-maker –recently made headlines not only in her home country but across the globe, as pictures of her Toyota Corolla Altis covered in cow dung went viral.

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Duvets discarded, cushions thrown at Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship

The Japanese may be known for their neatness, particularly when it comes to making their bed in the morning, but all social norms went out the window on Saturday during qualifying for the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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Cambodia's royal oxen predict plentiful rice harvest amid EU tariffs

Cambodia's royal oxen predicted a plentiful harvest of rice, the country's biggest crop, at an ancient plowing ceremony on Wednesday.

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Belgian monks resurrect brewery after two century break

Belgian monks at the Grimbergen abbey are on the verge of brewing beer again after a break of more than 200 years.

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Polish sextuplets surprise parents and doctors expecting five

Poland's first sextuplets on record, two boys and four girls, were born in the southern city of Krakow on Monday to the surprise of parents and doctors who had expected five babies.

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Eiffel Tower climber in custody after daring ascent

Rescuers successfully talked down a man who scaled the upper heights of the Eiffel Tower on Monday, forcing the monument's evacuation, and handed him over to police.

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Rescuers try to talk down Eiffel Tower climber

Rescuers were trying to talk down a man who scaled the Eiffel Tower on Monday and forced the monument's evacuation.

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Florida Man Calls 911 After Comedian Tells Middle Eastern Joke

Reviews on new material are something comedians such as Ahmed Ahmed come to expect following performances. One guest in the crowd of his May 12 performance at the Off The Hook Comedy Club in Naples, Florida, however, threw him for a loop.
According to , a man who attended Ahmed’s show called 911 to complain about how “uncomfortable” he felt when the comedian inquired who was from the Middle East in the audience.
“And a whole bunch of people raised their hand. And he said where are you from? I’m from Iraq, I’m from Iran. I’m from Pakistan. I’m from here, I’m from there. He said, ‘That’s great. We could organize our own little terrorist organization,'” the caller explained during the call released by Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

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Taco Bell Is Opening Its Own Hotel — Called The Bell Hotel

Holy guacamole! It seems that everyone’s favorite late night Mexican food guilty pleasure has plans to open a hotel called The Bell Hotel, according to .
The report claims that the fast food chain plans on operating a “pop-up hotel” in Palm Springs, California, in order to fully cater to their biggest fans in the ultimate immersive experience. Taco Bell Chief Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg explained that the entire hotel will be “infused with a Taco Bell twist.”
Examples include a taco-centric happy hour, poolside cocktails, and a gift shop with Taco Bell merchandise. However, the hotel hopes to also provide other services that will entice guests, including an on-site salon offering Taco Bell nail art, fades, and a braid bar.
Though many might consider this new stunt loco, Thalberg insists that it’s not that outrageous.

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Raven chicks in the Tower ward off prophecy of doom for Brexit Britain

Britain's political establishment is in chaos over Brexit and Prime Minister Theresa May's days in office are numbered but the kingdom and the Tower of London appear safe from legendary doom after the birth of four raven chicks at the famous fortress.

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Voynich Manuscript Solved? A Linguist Thinks He’s Figured Out What Language It’s In, So That’s A Start

The Voynich manuscript, a book of illustrations and text in a bizarre language that no one has been able to make sense of, may have finally been solved, reports. Or at least, researchers believe they’ve figured out what language it’s in, as a starting point.
The manuscript, for those not familiar, is a book believed to date to the 15th century, whose meaning has eluded researchers for centuries. It contains illustrations of nude women, animals (some real, some apparently imaginary), plants (some real, some apparently imaginary), and a text that makes no sense to anyone who has ever tried to read it.
The text somewhat resembles Hebrew, though is written from left to right (not right to left, like Hebrew). The text also contains linguistic descriptors that have convinced researchers that it’s an actual language and not a random series of pen strokes designed to mimic a language.
Other than that, they don’t have much.

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Take or pay: Belgian ex-king faces paternity fines

A Belgian court has ordered the country's former king to pay 5,000 euros ($5,600) a day until he takes a DNA paternity test to resolve a long-running case brought by a woman who says she is his daughter.

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Can You Decipher It? French Village Offers $2,200 To Anyone Who Can Solve Inscription On Mysterious Rock

Officials in a French village are offering a €2,000 ($2,200) reward for anyone who can decipher a series of letters on a centuries-old rock, reports.
Authorities in Plougastel-Daoulas, a village in Brittany, northwest France, have known about the rock for a few years. Tucked away in a seaside cave that is only accessible at low tide, the rock is about three feet tall and bears about 20 lines of text and pictograms, according to .
But academics who have looked at the rock have been unable to make heads or tails of it. It’s thought to be not more than a couple hundred years old, based on the dates 1786 and 1787 carved into it. Those dates roughly correspond to the time period when forts and artillery batteries were built in a nearby port city. It also uses the Roman alphabet, ruling out the possibility that it dates to before the time the Romans conquered the region.

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Australia's central bank takes 'responsibilty' for note typo

Millions of A$50 ($35) banknotes in Australia have an embarrassing typographical error that was overlooked by the country's central bank before they were printed and circulated.

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Stop bugging him: Philippine leader brushes off finger-sized pest

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte seemed unfazed when a finger-sized cockroach scrambled onto his shoulder as he spoke at a campaign rally on Wednesday night.

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Florida Woman Pulls Alligator From Pants During Traffic Stop

A routine traffic stop in Punta Gorda, Florida got a little weird early Monday morning when a young woman pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants.
According to , deputies pulled over pickup truck being driven by a 22-year-old man with a 25-year-old female passenger at roughly 3:15 a.m. The deputies reportedly pulled the truck over after witnessing it fail to come to a complete stop at a sign sign located on Oil Well Road before turning onto Tamiami Trail.
The incident report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reveals the man and woman had just left the Oil Well Road underpass. When asked by the deputies what the pair were doing out and about at this time of night, the young man told the officers they were collecting snakes and frogs.

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Tanzania plans cable car for Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania wants to boost tourist numbers by putting a cable car on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, and is in talks about the project with a Chinese and a Western company.

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Apple’s AirPods Still Functional In Man’s Stomach After Being Swallowed

When Apple created the AirPods, it’s highly unlikely that the company expected the earbuds would be ingested by its customers, but that’s exactly what Ben Hsu did, according to a report from .
Hsu said he fell asleep with his AirPods in his ears but after waking up, he realized one of the tiny Bluetooth devices was nowhere to be found. The Taiwanese native said he attempted to locate his missing AirPod by using the iPhone tracking feature. The tracking feature allows users to log into their iCloud accounts and trigger a sound on missing devices in order to narrow down the possible location. For AirPods, after the “Play a Sound” option is selected, the misplaced AirPod will play a sound that gets gradually louder for two minutes, or until the user stops it manually.

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