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Cashless backlash delays move to walletless economy

27.05.2019 9:13

Cashless technology is here to stay, but won't take over until society catches up -- and there's much catching up to do


What's gone wrong with Brazil's economy?

26.05.2019 19:06

The hopes for a resurgent Brazilian economy have receded since the election of Jair Bolsonaro


Iran vows to defend itself against military and economic aggression

26.05.2019 18:54

Iran’s foreign minister said today that Tehran would defend itself against any military or economic aggression. Javad Zarif spoke on a high-profile visit to Iraq. Roxana Saberi reports.

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How will Modi handle India's economy?

26.05.2019 9:18

With an even bigger electoral mandate, India's new government is in a position to push ahead with reforms.


A Quantum Revolution Is Coming

25.05.2019 16:38

Has the time come for a quantum revolution in economics?

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Japan and U.S. must work to narrow differences on trade: economy minister Motegi

25.05.2019 15:15

Japan and the United States still need to work to narrow their differences on trade, Japan's economy minister said on Saturday, following a meeting with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.


Ramaphosa sworn-in as president of South Africa vowing 'new era'

25.05.2019 12:32

May 26, 2019 12:32 AM
PRETORIA (AFP) - Cyril Ramaphosa vowed a "new era" Saturday (May 25) after he was sworn in as president of South Africa at a colourful ceremony in the capital, as he looks to revitalise his push to revive the economy and fight corruption.


Do the Recent Trade Tensions Matter for the U.S. Economy?

25.05.2019 11:00

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China accuses US of lying about trade war

24.05.2019 19:19

China has accused US officials of lying to the public about their trade war, as rising tensions between the world's two largest economies kept financial markets in a state of unease.

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Risk of entrenched U.S.-China trade war seen rising

24.05.2019 18:17

Experts worry the world's two biggest economies are plunging headlong into an economic cold war that could last years


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