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[Ticker] Europe hit by record breaking June heat wave

25.06.2019 2:54

France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium could all see national records for June broken in the coming days, with temperatures to be well over 30C all week. The city of Paris has activated the third level of its extreme heat plan - the maximum level four has never been used. The heatwave is unprecedented because it's hitting early in June and night-time temperatures are unlikely to fall below 20C.


Nissan pours cold water on hopes for quick fix to Renault strain

25.06.2019 1:43

Nissan Motor on Tuesday threw cold water on hopes for a quick fix to its strained relations with France's Renault SA, saying inequality between the partners could unravel their two-decade-old automaking alliance.

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Muslim women fined for defying burkini ban

24.06.2019 23:04

These Muslim women defied a burkini ban at a pool in Grenoble, France. They were bussed away by police and fined.


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Prove Power Couple Status in Paris Ahead of Second Wedding

24.06.2019 22:22

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are setting the standard for summer fashion. Ahead of their second wedding in France, the duo took off to the fashion capital of Paris to sight-see, celebrate...


Team USA defeats Spain 2-1; will face France in quarterfinals

24.06.2019 21:23

Spain was the first team this tournament to score against the U.S.

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Heatwave likely in Europe, Paris could be hotter than Delhi

24.06.2019 21:20

SCORCHER OF A WEEK: France prepares to swelter in record high June temperatures since 1947


SeventyOne PerCent has selected Albéa's patented PE-PCR tube material

24.06.2019 21:19

TheAlbéa group and French cosmetics brand SeventyOne PerCent (referring to the 70% of water on the earth and in the human body) are writing a beautiful story with an eco-responsible partnership. For its organic sun care products targeting surf and sea lovers, the brand has selected post-consumer recycled tubes made of 50% recycled plastic material and 50% of virgin PE. For their made-in-France products that take care of both the skin and the ocean, SeventyOne PerCent wanted a consistent (...) -


“BioMeca puts Atomic Force Microscopy at the service of skin knowledge,” Anna Drillat

24.06.2019 21:19

Founded in November 2016 in Lyon, France, BioMeca, a young startup specialized in advanced technologies for measuring mechanical properties, produces high-resolution images of biological samples to better understand the skin's biological mechanisms. Anna Drillat, Skin Biology Research Director, gave us a few details. Premium Beauty News - What is the link between mechanics of materials and the cosmetics industry? Anna Drillat - The startup was founded in 2016 by Julien Chlasta and Pascale (...) -

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