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Petition calling for impeachment of South Korea's Moon to get a government response

27.05.2019 8:35

The petition has gathered more than 217,00 signatures, passing the threshold for a government response.


Trump administration takes unprecedented step to process border-crossers

27.05.2019 8:17

For the first time, the government is relocating illegal border-crossers for processing, struggling to handle a surge of people at various choke points.


Lamborghini, Shelby pickup among drug kingpins' cars auctioned by Mexican government

27.05.2019 7:22

The Mexican government is selling back vehicles taken from alleged drug dealers.


Austria’s Kurz faces axe as far-right opts to back no-confidence motion

27.05.2019 5:44

Austria’s parliament appeared all but certain to sack Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Monday (May 27) after lawmakers from the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) agreed to support a motion of no-confidence in his caretaker government. 


SNP European Elections: Labour slumps to fifth in Scotland as Nicola Sturgeon accuses Westminster of treating country with 'utter contempt'

27.05.2019 5:32

The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused the government for treating Scotland with "utter contempt" over Brexit.


The High Cost Of The Opioid Epidemic For Communities

27.05.2019 5:06

State and local governments say the prescription opioid epidemic is costing them billions of dollars. They're suing big drug companies to recoup some of those costs.


White Diamond: Why She's the Most Terrifying Villain in Steven Universe

27.05.2019 4:05

and "terrifying" are not words that fit quite right together. The show focuses on the misadventures of a young boy and his guardians, the Crystal Gems, as they fight monsters and save their city and the world. Along the way, they also overthrow a tyrannical system of government focused on eradicating individuality in order to conform to the whims of their God-Queen, the truly terrifying White Diamond.


French government: looking 'reasonably favorably' on Renault/Fiat deal

27.05.2019 3:15

The French government is looking "reasonably favorably" on a proposed merger deal between Italian carmaker Fiat and French peer Renault, said government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye on Monday.


Italian government might ask for symmetry with Paris in FCA-Renault merger - League lawmaker

27.05.2019 3:15

Italian government will defend national interest in the FCA- Renault merger and might ask for a stake in the new global automaker to match French state holdings, a prominent League ruling party lawmaker said on Monday.


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