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Bangladesh border forces kill Indian guard

18.10.2019 3:10

Bangladeshi border forces have shot and killed an Indian border guard in a altercation over an Indian fisherman the Bangladeshis had detained, in a rare clash between the two sides.


India, China no longer developing nations, they are ripping us off: Donald Trump

18.10.2019 1:55

President Trump during his recent meeting with PM Modi in US had said that India-US will soon have a trade deal.


Does Huawei's future lie with India after US ban?

17.10.2019 23:54

India's massive wireless market could make it critical for the future of the Chinese tech giant.


Indians C Pérez has ankle surgery, expected ready for camp

17.10.2019 14:48

Indians catcher Roberto Pérez had surgery to remove bone spurs in his right ankle, expected to be fully recovered in time for spring training


Industrial melanism linked to same gene in 3 moth species

17.10.2019 13:14

The rise of dark forms of many species of moth in heavily polluted areas of 19th and 20th century Britain, known as industrial melanism, was a highly visible response to environmental change. But did the different species rely on the same gene to adapt? New research by the University of Liverpool reveals that three species of moth, including the famous peppered moth, indeed did.


India Catholic nun 'denied justice' by Vatican

17.10.2019 9:25

Sister Lucy Kalappura was expelled after protesting against an Indian bishop accused of rape.


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