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DOJ settles with Texas-based Taco Bell franchises in immigration-related discrimination case

17.10.2019 19:13

The Justice Department (DOJ) has reached a settlement with two Texas-based companies that own and operate several dozen Taco Bell franchises over immigration-related discrimination, it announced Thursday.


Hours before passing, Cummings signed subpoenas directed to two US immigration agencies

17.10.2019 16:09

In one of his last official acts before his death, the late House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings signed two subpoenas for documents related to a temporary end to a policy change that allowed some immigrants with severe health issues to remain in the US.


32 illegal immigrants discovered inside refrigerated semitruck in Arizona, officials say

17.10.2019 10:30

Two men are facing federal human smuggling charges are dozens of illegal immigrants were discovered locked in refrigerated semitrailer Monday night at an immigration checkpoint in southern Arizona, according to officials. 


Trump wants a warrior to elevate his immigration fight in an election year

17.10.2019 5:12

Ken Cuccinelli, an immigration hard-liner, is considered the frontrunner to lead Homeland Security. But he has detractors.


SCOTUS wrestles with immigration as Sotomayor breaks new 2-minute rule

17.10.2019 3:15

• Opinion: This ruling endangers LGBTQ people • Man guilty of killing ex-girlfriend, unborn baby • Sandy Hook father awarded $450k in defamation suit


A British family has been deported after a wrong turn led to nearly 2 weeks in ICE detention. Here's how they got entangled in a US immigration nightmare.

16.10.2019 22:06

The Connors' story shows how just one unintentional violation of US immigration law can land a family in weeks of detention in an unfamiliar country.

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British family says one wrong turn led to US immigration detention nightmare

16.10.2019 20:45

October 17, 2019 8:45 AM
NEW YORK (NY TIMES) - Seven British citizens said they were vacationing in Canada when they had to swerve to avoid an animal, not an uncommon occurrence in rural British Columbia. But doing that proved dangerous in its own way.


U.S. restores aid to Central America after reaching migration deals

16.10.2019 18:45

The United States on Wednesday restored economic aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that had been cut off after the Trump administration complained the three Central American countries had done too little to halt a surge in migration.


Immigrant kills himself in ICE jail: Official

16.10.2019 18:35

Federal authorities say a Cuban man has died by apparent suicide while being detained at an immigration jail in Louisiana


Cuban man dies in custody at Louisiana ICE jail: officials

16.10.2019 18:08

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday that 43-year-old Roylan Hernandez Diaz was found unresponsive Tuesday afternoon inside his cell at the Richwood Correctional Center.


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